Day 1. – Depart

17:15   Check in at the counters of Iberia at OR Tambo.

20:05   Depart on flight IB6050 to Madrid in economy class. Flight duration is 10 hours and 20 minutes. Meals on board. Please book your luggage through to Barcelona.


Day 2. – Madrid – Barcelona

06:30   Arrive at terminal 4S in Madrid, Spain. Clear passport control and proceed to the rail connection taking you to Madrid Central. You need to buy tickets for this transfer.

You have a few hours in Madrid so why not store your luggage at the station.

12:30   Depart from Madrid Puerta de Atocha station on train Nr. 03123 in 2nd class.

15:30   Arrive in Barcelona.

Depart by coach to Lloret de Mar located 75 km’s North of Barcelona.

16:00   Expected time of arrival and check in at your 3* hotel.

Meet with the organizers of the contest.

Presentation of the excursion programs.

20:00   Dinner at the hotel.

20:30   Meeting party of the festival participants.

Overnight at your hotel.


International contest “SEA, SUN, FESTIVAL” is a festival contest of various genres which corresponds to its name as the participants find themselves on the warm coast of the Mediterranean Sea, under the hot Spanish sun, and, of course, beautiful happy days of the competition. After the long everyday working life, studies, and laborious rehearsals finally there comes that long expected time of the competitions of creative groups. Talented young people from all over the world are ready to make us happy by their creative work again and again. Here in Spain all the most cherished dreams come true as our international contest is a possibility to meet old friends, find new ones, relax, slide down the steep slide into the deep of caressing Mediterranean Sea, and fly high up into the air having shown everyone their achievements in the world of art!

This contest gives young artists a possibility to become winners of a prestigious international contest, and it also combines with a great recreation on the beaches of the Costa Brava and a splendid excursion program which will make your stay even nicer. It’s recommended to come to this contest with all the family or with a whole school class. We are very glad to see not only the contestants but also their cheerleading teams at this festival!



The jury of the contest is formed of the most important choreographers and cultural workers of Spain, France, Canada and other countries of the Eastern Europe and Asia. International jury is

formed by the contest’s providers. Participation in the gala concert isn’t guaranteed for everyone and is confirmed due to the results of the previous shows according to the consolidated legislative decision of the contest providers and the judges.


GROUP (А) – choreographic groups and soloists:

I category: classic ballet;

II category: folk dance, folk stylized dance, ethnic dance;

III category: ballroom dance;

IV category: sport dance (hip hop, disco, techno, street, electric boogie, break dance, pop      locking and other street styles);

V category: modern dance (jazz modern, neoclassic etc.);

VI category: variety dance;

VII category: social dance (Argentine Tango, balboa, bachata, boogie, waltz, West Coast swing, zouk,  Irish set dancing, country music, kizomba, lindy hop, machine, merengue, reggaeton, rueda, salsa, samba de gafieira, Semba, forró, hustle, and others).


Age groups of the participants

  1. I) younger than 9 years’ old
  2. II) 10-12 years

III) 13-15 years

  1. IV) 16-19 years
  2. V) 20-25 years
  3. VI) from 26 years

VII) Mixed

* The group age is based on the majority of the participants in case of groups.


Evaluation criteria

GROUP (А) – choreographic groups and soloists

– mastery – technique of movements’ execution;

– compositional creation of the performance;

– suitability for the theatre (flexibility, costume, properties, performing standards);

– choice and correspondence of the musical and choreographic materials;

– artistic skills, disclosure of an artistic image.


Technical requirements

  • Each group should present 1 or 2 competitive compositions of 2-5 minutes each. Each soloist should present 1 performance up to 4 minutes.
  • All the compositions should be recorded on a CD. And also it’s obligatory to have a backup copy of tracks on a USB flash drive.
  • In the application it’s necessary to specify if the layout of performances is needed or if the work will be executed by one set.
  • It’s obligatory to indicate soloists, duets and small groups of 3-5 persons.



The jury evaluates the participants on 100-point scale.

Regarding the genres of performing and nominations the awards are distributed due to seven age groups.

  • participants who received up to 70 points become prize winners (copper diploma);
  • participants who received from 70 to 80 points – prize winners of the third degree (bronze diploma);
  • participants who received from 81 to 90 points become prize winners of the second degree (silver diploma);
  • participants who received from 91 to 99 points become prize winners of the first degree (gold diploma);
  • participants who received 100 points become winners of the grand prize of the contest “SEA, SUN, FESTIVAL” (platinum diploma).


* ensembles, soloists, duets and small groups – winners of the first prizes and the Grand prize are given personalized trophy cups FIESTALONIA. Each group participant is given a nominal diploma from the founders and providers of the contest. Each group gets from the Spanish authorities an additional diploma in the form of engraving on a special base. Each team head and sponsor will be given thank-you letters on the letterhead of the kingdom of Spain.


Day 3. – Competition

08:00   Breakfast at your hotel.

Morning available for rehearsals.

13:00   Lunch.

14:00   Full dress rehearsal on the main stage.

17:00   Beginning of the festival & contest.

21:00   Dinner and overnight at the hotel.


Day 4. – Free day

08:00   Breakfast at the hotel.

09:00   Departure of excursions. (Excursions are extra and not included in the tour price)

Alternatively, you are at the beach where you can relax and swim for the day.

20:00   Dinner and overnight at your hotel.


Day 5. – Free day

08:00   Breakfast at the hotel.

09:00   Departure of excursions. (Excursions are extra and not included in the tour price)

Alternatively, you are at the beach where you can relax and swim for the day.

20:00   Dinner and overnight at your hotel.


Day 6. – Gala concert & Awards Ceremony

08:00   Breakfast at the hotel.

Morning at leisure.

13:00   Lunch.

15:00   Dressing time for the closing ceremony.

18:00   Beginning of the Gala Concert of the winners and awards ceremony.

21:00   Dinner and overnight at the hotel.


Day 7. – Lloret de Mar – Barcelona – Depart

08:00   Breakfast at the hotel.

15:00   Transfer to Barcelona Airport.

16:30   Check in for your flights with Iberia. Please book your luggage through to Johannesburg.

19:30   Depart on flight IB1931 from terminal 1.

20:55   Arrive at terminal 4 and proceed to terminal 4S.

23:45   Depart on flight IB6051 from Madrid nonstop to Johannesburg. Meals on board.


Day 8. – Home

10:00   Arrive in Johannesburg at OR Tambo airport after breakfast on board.